Thursday, 4 October 2007

Royal family expanding again

Tell me I'm dreaming. Pinch me. Oh no....I'm awake and that means it's true. Our stud prince Filip did it again. He got his wife pregnant again!! What were you thinking Fillie? You can't get enough of it can you? Another money absorbing, tax raising prince/princess for god sake.

Prince Filip doesn't seem capable of doing a lot but he certainly read the manual : "how to produce little princes/princesses" very well. Oh yes, I'm pretty sure he needed a manual for it. He might have needed help on reading it, but he's got the hang of it now. I remember their weddingday. He didn't even seem to know how to kiss his bride. While in Holland, when Maxima and Willem-Alexander got married, he was constantly french kissing her and touching her bum, our national pride prince Filip, kept his name of head-muppet high. Nerd to the bone if you wish.

There's some hope though. His wife Mathilde seems a tad more intelligent. So there might be a slight chance the little princes/princesses take after her. I didn't say she's not nerdish, just a bit more intelligent.

4 more muppets that make Belgium look silly abroad, like their dad does over and over again, is just a bit too much.
On the other hand though, it might not be a bad thing after all. It might help us get rid of the monarchy faster. Monarchies are old fashioned. We don't live in the middle ages anymore!


Moi said...

Well, well, well... Philippe did nothing with women during more than 40 years... he thus has lots of things to do with the only woman who accepted to marry him!

Mathilde... more intelligent than Philippe?????? Am I dreaming?? Have your heared her talking? She speaks like a baby!!!

But by talking of "old fashioned" when you talk about the monarchy... Did you know that a princess is born to live OUTSIDE her country?

Well, it did not happen in Belgium, Astrid came back from Austria as soon as Baudouin died.

We just have to find the necessary money to pay 8 tickets to help her go back in Austria with her family. And perhaps five tickets for Laurent and his family.

Destination... what do you think about the moon?

Rudi said...

Well Moi....Matilleke might sound like a baby, but that's still more intelligent hahaha.

I'm willing to do a "tombola" (like a raffle) for the tickets. Moon sounds ok to me :D.

Can I have Laurent's Ferrari then? lol