Friday, 5 October 2007

England, Europe or not?

England is a member of the European Union. I think. Or not really? I'm confused.

What does it mean being a member of the European Union? First they stick to their Pound. Shouldn't being a member mean that the monetairy systems should be the same for every member?

Secondly, they drive on the left side of the road. 99 % of the members drive on the right side.

Thirdly, they don't consider themselves as Europeans. Everything that's overseas is Europe to them. The English are quite conservative. They don't like changes. And being a member of the EU means making changes.

I ask myself all the time what it means to be in the European Union. I'm not sure if it's a good thing for us. I do know that life became a lot more expensive since the introduction of the Euro. That's one of the reasons the English stick to their pound I guess. Can't blame them for that.

But have things really changed since e.g. Belgium became a member? Besides the Euro. We still need a passport to travel to another European country. There's supposed to be freedom of business, freedom of labour and so on in between the EU countries. Is that really the case? I don't think so. Try do do business with let's say Greece and you'll see what I'm talking about. And I'm not only talking about VAT rates that are different everywhere but also bureaucracy etc.

The English talk more and more about leaving the EU. It wouldn't make a big change I don't think. Go for it England.


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Moi said...

Firstly, Benelux was the beginning of the European Community; which is something that lots of people forget.

It is important to remember that Benelux was created after the second war with an aim of facilitating business between the Netherlands, Luxemburg and Belgium. Period.

Then other countries joined them and some of them saw the opportunity to realize Napoleon Buonaparte's dream of creating the United States of Europe (just as for Eurotunnel) in the hope to become their master, I presume.

Poor European countries have seen the opportunity to become richer by joining the European Union. And then the rich countries, became poor.

British people is more intelligent than us... they REFUSE to enter the Euro money because they know that they have nothing to gain and all to lose by doing it.

When they joined the European Community, I think they also saw the power of "free export" which meant more money for them. They did not plan to share their richness with the poor countries that are only eating our hard-earned money and are not real partners or, moreover, risk their good reputation around the world with negationist countries like some of the European "partners" are.

Joining the Euro zone would be a the biggest mistake they could do. British people spoke and, miracle! here is people whose voice is respected!

With a GOOD government, we could also leave the European Community. Ok, we did better than the others: we have NO government ;-)

In fact, I am against this union. Moreover, it does not work because we are a too old continent to accept what Union means: too many different cultures, religions, mentalities, anchored by centuries of existence. We are not American and then not patriot as they are. When we love a country, it is only OURS. Not the Europe.

Also, in the USA the union was possible because it is a young nation, even if this union has sometimes some clashes.

Remember that Europe also means: terrorism and banditism without borders, rise of violence, increase in the cost of living, lower salaries, decentralization of our national entreprises in favour of the poor countries of Europe.

There is one mistake in your post: as a Belgian, in order to travel in the European community, you only need your identity card not a passport.

Lots of European also have the double nationality (Belgian and their country), so they do not need a passport. Ok, don't know if Eastern countries of Europe are included...

Rudi said...

Moi, with passport I meant our identity card. My mistake...

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