Monday, 24 September 2007

Making friends online

Yuwie is the new "kid on the block" for making friends online, uploading pictures and videos, post blogs etc. Compare it to Myspace but with one big difference. Click the banner to check it out yourself.

So called "social networks" are all over the place. Myspace, Tagged, Facebook etc.

Advertisers use these networks to advertise and pay them for it. Sad thing is that the money goes entirely to the networks and people like you and me don't see a dime of it. Although it is you and me that make those networks big. It's the users who make loads of money for them.

Shortly another network appeared though. They are going to pay their users a
piece of the action back. Yuwie pays the users per pageview. For everything you do on Yuwie (Upload a picture, post a comment to someones blog, edit your own profile etc), they pay you for that. Sounds good doesn't it?

So what's the catch? No catch since it's entirely free to use. I'm going to make Yuwie my prime network, because I think the potential is there.

The idea is kind of the same as what AGLOCO does. I keep promoting AGLOCO too for the same reason.

Click the banners to sign up for both programs. It's all free. And free is good.


insanity-suits-me (Dawn) said...

Out of curiosity... how is agloco working for you?

Rudi said...

Hi Dawn,
Agloco's going fine. The developement team is working hard to close revenue deals (they just closed a major deal with btw which is now their main search engine). Also working on improvements on the site etc. Agloco has great potential imo. It takes a while to get everything running smoothly but took Google 4 years too. I'm still building my network and running the viewbar. Members will have to be patient because you can't build a business like that overnight.
The site is currently down for maintanance as I write this.
Hope this answers your question ;-)