Thursday, 13 September 2007

Am I a spermbag?

About 10 years ago I had “the snip”, better known as a vasectomy. I had never given it much thought but a couple of days ago, Debbie, my girlfriend and I were talking about it. I asked myself the question what a vasectomy really does. So Debbie did some research and found the following:

Vasectomy is a permanent birth control method for men. In some conventional clinics part of the vasa deferentia(more commonly known as sperm tubes) are surgically removed, thus sterilizing the patient. In more modern clinics and in no-scalpel (keyhole) vasectomies none of the vas is removed, but is instead cut and sealed.

I was in a modern clinic.

When the vasectomy is complete, sperm can no longer exit the body through the penis. Sexual desire (libido) and the ability to have an erection and an orgasm with an ejaculation are not affected. Because the sperm itself makes up a very small proportion of an ejaculation, vasectomy does not significantly affect the volume, appearance, texture or taste of the ejaculate.


That takes me to the next question. If the sperm can't exit my body, where the hell is it?

They are reabsorbed by the body.

Oh my blinking God. Do I have all those little wotsits swimming around in my body??

More research shows that they are broken down by the body. Pheeew, what a relief.

That leaves me with one more question though. I always thought that the stuff that was ejaculated (by a non-snipped man) was called "sperm". So what exactly is it that I'm ejaculating now, after my vasectomy? Does it have a name?

Debbie...some more research please.



I really don't know much about this because I haven't undergone such. They still have though I guess the components of what a sperm is. You might call them, spermets? (LOL) sorry, just made it's a suggestion....^^

Rudi said...

haha lord. Every suggestion is welcome. ;-)

insanity-suits-me (Dawn) said...

ok that was hilarious... I can't stop laughing! I think what you have left is just seminal fluid. LOL

Rudi said...

Seminal fluid huh....that could be it lol. Thanks hehe

Nellioness said...

Hey Rudi!!! :P

What a fun and interesting article. I'm glad to be back and find it. Well, I guess getting vasectomy contraception this is a very serious decision for a man. Did you do that for your woman? I'm impressed you had it.

As for me - I missed blogging and I also want to thank you for visiting me!

Hope to hear from you soon Rudi!

Rudi said...

Hi Nelli, glad you liked it lol. Let's say the women slightly pushed me to have it done. (understatement). A couple of years later we divorced. Ironic isn't it?

ND/Botr said...

Picture this...9 children and another on the way. 3 mothers. My friend came to tell me he'd done it again! I grabbed the fish filleting knife and told him it was time.....2 weeks later the deed was done and no more children.....there has to be a time to say NO MORE!