Friday, 10 August 2007


Three more sleeps and we go camping on the Isle Of Wight. It should be quite an experience because we're taking my 3 kids too. The kids haven't camped yet and neither have I. Not with a tent anyway.

For non-UK readers : The Isle Of Wight is a small island at the south coast of England.

From Belgium it's not so easy to get there either. First we have to drive to Dunkirk in France, which is about 120 miles, there we go on the ferry to Dover. From Dover another 140 miles drive to Portsmouth and from there on the ferry to Fishbourne on the island. Luckly it's only half an hour drive to the camping from there. I've done worse. And besides, why go somewhere we can get easy when we can make it more difficult?

Wish us luck on the weather. We don't want a week of rain.


Omega said...

that's a beautiful island, hope to visit this place some day myself!

Rudi said...

It's really beutiful. You should visit it if you get the chance.