Thursday, 9 August 2007

Global warming

Is global warming causing the floods that currently take place in Europe? Is global warming causing the stronger and stronger hurricanes like Katrina last year?

The Al Gore fim "An Inconvenient Truth" says it is. You can watch a trailer here.

After watching that movie, I must say I keep a closer eye on what's happening worldwide climate-wise. And Al Gore's "predictions" seem to be happening at this very moment. I say predictions, but actually it's science. Years of research.

There will be stronger storms....more rain in some parts of the globe....dryer in other parts....warmer in some places, colder in others and so on and so on...

If I see all the flooding that's going on - quite bad in the UK last month and now it's Switzerland, Spain, Romania, France, the list is getting bigger, even Belgium had some. But also India has been hit bad by heavy rainfall and a lot of people are dying there because of drowning, electrocution and so on. Later, after the floods, diseases like cholera will break out.

Southern Europe - Spain, Greece, Portugal etc - on the other hand had heatwaves. Bad heatwaves with temperatures of 45 C and more. This caused woodfires. 25% of Tenerifes woods were destroyed by it.

This all makes you think after seeing Al Gores movie.

If you haven't seen it yet, I suggest you do. It's scary, but everyone should be aware of what's happening.

Some people will say "naaah, these phenomena occur every so many years. And maybe they do". Only time will tell I guess.

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zephyr01 said...

Thank-you for visiting Climate of Our Future. Yes so many people refuse to open their eyes to the crisis at hand. Global warming is very real, and it is already here.