Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Belgian political crisis

As Belgium's Justine henin steams through the US open, the political situation in Belgium is reaching a climax. More and more voices are heard in favour of separating Belgium. It always has been a very difficult situation in belgium, made up of 60% flemish-speaking, free-market oriented Flemings and 40% French-speaking, predominantly Socialist Walloons. I am one of the flemings by the way. It would take me too far to go too much into detail about this (and to be honest I can't be bothered), but if you're more interested about the situation than me (I think it all starts to look like an old time bad vaudeville), you can read about it here.

The King and his Royal --money absorbing-- family would have a bit of a problem if Belgium really was separated. What would happen to them? Take a close look at the picture of the Royal family and you'll have to admit they look a lot like a cast for the Muppet show.

Anyway, if politicians already can't agree on small problems right now, how the hell are they going to decide what belongs to Flanders and what to Wallonia?
Flemings and Walloons have different opinions on seperation too. A survey done earlier this week shows that more than 40% of the Flemings are pro while only 8% of the Walloons think it's a good idea.
Not a surprise there since Flanders pays most of Belgium’s taxes and the bulk of the money flows to Wallonia.

To be honest I couldn't care less what they do. I've never felt like a real Belgian anyway, eventhough I've lived here my whole life. That's probably why I have an English girlfriend too.

The only time I feel a bit patriotic is when a Belgian performs well in a sports discipline. Like Justine Henin. She's one of the exceptions. Way to go Justine.


Rose Rivera said...

Hi Rudi! A Belgian blogger in English. Woo-hoo. I live in Belgium too. I'll be stopping by here to get all the latest news since I can't read the papers (I moved cuz my husband is Belgian...) He's a big Justine fan as well. I'll have to show him your site. :)

Rudi said...

Hi Rose, thanks for stopping by. you seem surprised to see a Belgian blog in english lol.
You're welcome any time. I don't only talk about Belgian stuff though ;-)

Moi said...

It is my hope that we never separate Flemish and Walloons.

You know, living in Wallonia is not a pleasure. Our politicians are robbers or the Maffia and we still pay taxes that do not exist any more in the other communities in addition to the new taxes.

Half part of my family is from Limburg and the other part is from Li├Ęge. How could I live without being Belgian and living in Belgium?

I love this country as it is... even with communities discussions ;-) That's what makes our charm, lol.

The solution to the Belgian crisis should be to put all the politicians (especially the socialists) in jail and lose the key! I am going to think about how to do it.

By the way... You appreciate Justine Henin who is Walloon... and I love Kim who is Flemish (her grand-mother is the cousin of my grand-mother).

Hum... The royal family and the Muppet Show... You found the right description, hahahaha. Do you know that a princess is born to live OUTSIDE of her native country? May Astrid and her BIG family go back to Austria ;-)

However, I am not a politician, but I believe in our moto: Strenght Through Unity ;-))

justmedebs said...

You can hardly call the community disciussions a charm lol. I agree with you on the walloon socialists. I'm not a politician either but I'm not stupid. It's always something with them isn't there?

Anyway, thanks for the comment fellow Belgian (for now) hahah

Rudi said...

oops that last comment was me, not my girlfriend Debs. I didn't see She was signed in :$