Sunday, 9 September 2007

Belgian flag over New York again

This is becoming quite a familiar picture. Justine Henin kissing the trophy after winning yet another grand slam. She dominated the complete US open. Steaming through the tournament, not giving away one single set. Not only that, she managed to beat Serena as well as Venus Williams in a 3 day time span --and on their own home ground--. You can say with right and reason that this tiny Belgian girl deserves to be the worlds number 1.

She overcame the disappointment of the semi final loss at Wimbledon (against Marion Bartoli) earlier this year and personal problems, to come back stronger than ever. Wimbledon is the only grand slam still missing on her list. But I'm pretty sure she will win that as well. If it isn't next year, than it'll be in 2 years.

According to herself and her coach Carlos Rodriguez, her game can still improve. Wow. It's quite impressive as it is already. God knows what we are still going to see.

After winning This US open --which was her 7th grand slam victory--, she's closing in quickly on other tennis godesses. Serena Williams, Monica Seles and others.
Steffie Graf seems far out of reach though with her 22 grand slam victories. Also legends like Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert (both 19 grand slams) seem too far away. But you never know. Henin is a pretty persistant little lady.

This is one of the few moments I'm proud to be Belgian.

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