Thursday, 20 September 2007

Are blondes really dumb?

First I would like to say I'm very excited. Yessssss. My first award since I started blogging not so long ago. I was awarded "Awesome Guy Blogger" by Nellioness, a great blog about sex, sexuality, relationships etc. In a nutshell, everything that makes the body tremble… Everything that touches the soul…

Nelli has a great blog with intriguing stories and magnificent tips for adults. "If she's good, she's very good, but when she's bad, she's even better". Keep up the good work Nelli.


I have asked myself many times why blonde females have the reputation of being dumb. Is it because blondes on average get more attention from men and get asked out more so that brunettes or black haired women are actually jealous and need something to get even? So they want to put them down and make jokes about them? Maybe, but it's also the men who make "blonde jokes". So that theory isn't waterproof.
Although women know they will be made fun off, they still want to be blonde. Probably for the reason mentioned above.
Personally I don't think the hair-colour has anything to do with intelligence. Most blondes are dyed anyway so they're not naturally blonde. It's stereotyped.
A lot of celebrities are or were blonde and most women want to look like them period.
I'm not one of the many men that prefer blonde. And that has nothing to do with the intelligence issue but everything with the looks.
Videos like this won't help the reputation of blondes but I couldn't resist. Sowwy blonde readers.


Nellioness said...

Hello Rudi!

Thanks! Thanks! Thanks to you!
For the links, for the sweet words and simply for being with me! :P

As to blondes... Well, yes, they have the reputation of dumb chicks, but, like you, I doubt whether hair-colour has something to do with intelligence of a woman.

And, yes, you're right it seems blondes get more male attention just because they are considered dumb.

You inspired me to ask my male friends on their experiences with blondes. Do they really find them so stupid...

Interesting... maybe blondes just "hide" their deep mind under the mask of silly cuties? ;)

All in all, personally, I adore being brunette.


Rudi said...

Hi Nellie, Your welcome.

Interesting indeed. Could blondes just "act" dumb? :O
Omg it's a conspiracy lol

Looking forward to the reaction of your male friends. I can't help you here cos I never went for blondes lol. never had a blond girlfriend. I always was more attracted to brunettes, like my girlfriend Debbie :D

Nellioness said...

Yeah, it sounds funny, I mean "conspiracy" :D

I never dated a blond girl, too (LOL). A blond man only :)))

Say "hello" to Debbie. Lucky she is, I guess.


justmedebs said...

Hello Nelli :)