Friday, 31 August 2007

Online translations are hilarious

Yesterday I came across a blog that had the option of reading it in your own language. You just had to click on the flag of your country and the blog popped up in that language. The flag of my language wasn't there to click on, so I tested it myself. I went to the online translator site --I won't mention which one (babelfish)-- and had my blog translated to flemmish. The result was hilarious. I wrote the piece you are reading now in flemmish first and had it translated to english to show you.

The result :

Yesterday I came blog against the that option had to read it in your own language. You had only click on the flag of your country and ready kees are. The flag of my country did not stand there therefore took I myself the test on the sum. I went to online translate site --ik the name name after (Babelfish) - - and I translated my blog to flemmish. The result were laughing the bit which you read now showed I also to translate to let you.

Conclusion : I don't think I will use online translators to apply for a job.
If anyone knows a reliable one, you can let me know, but I seriously doubt it.


KerBear said...

thats terrible cos i have babelfish on my blog...
I am totally disappointed in babelfish.

Rudi said...

Yeah it's pretty bad. Sorry Kerbear :(