Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Expensive printer ink

If you have a printer, you know how expensive printer ink is. If you compare prices per ml, it is even 7 times more expensive than Dom Perignon.
As an owner of a cartridge refill shop, I think everyone has the right to know that you can save a lot of money on your prints. This is the link for my website : www.refill4you.com. It is in flemmish however so many of you won't be able to read it.
The printer ink I refill the cartridges with is similar to the original ink and it is a lot cheaper. To give you an example, an HP cartridge nr.57 costs 10 euro when I refill them in my shop, but for a new one you pay 35,40 euro. The print quality is the same.
It is also possible to have them refilled several times, which saves people a lot of money.
A lot of my customers have tried to refill their cartridges themselves with a refill set they bought, but 90% of them don't do it a second time because it can get really messy.
Also the quality of the ink in those "do-it-yourself" kits isn't usually very good.
If you're thinking about having your cartridges refilled, you have to take a couple of things into consideration though. Don't wait too long because they can dry out and that makes it impossible to refill. Ideal is when you have it refilled once they are "almost" out of ink. Also be carefull when you transport them. The copper contacts are very sensitive. Best is to transport them in an envelope because putting them in a plastic bag makes the ink run out against the plastic and the colours can mix. Look for a refill shop in your neighbourhood, I'm sure there is one around. Not all refill shops will be the same quality probably.
There you go, I gave you a money saving tip, I'll have a beer please ;-).


HearThereEveryWhere said...

Good comparison between ink and Dom Perignon! :-D

Rudi said...

Just don't drink the ink ;-)