Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Belgian and Dutch shrimps travel a long way

Shrimps caught in Belgium's or Holland's North Sea, travel a long way before they end up on our dish. After they are caught, they almost immediately get cooked in fresh seawater with additional salt. After that however, they are shipped to either Morocco or even China to get shelled. To give you an idea, distance to Morocco is approximatley 2600 km (1650 miles) and to China about 10000 km (6250 miles). The shrimps are a week older when they arrive back here from Morocco. I don't know how long it takes from China, but it makes me wonder what the label "dayfresh shrimps" --the traders are so proud of-- means.
The reason they are shelled in another (low cost) country is of course the costs. It is cheaper for shrimp traders to do it this way. Sad isn't it? It will also take quite some preservatives I think. They still are a delicacy though. You can always get them fresh from the boat and shell them yourself...if you have the patience.

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